• Advocacy for the development of a children’s rights culture in South Africa.
• Ensuring the relevance of National Policy and legislation aimed at protecting and enhancing the life of children.
• Capacitating member organisations and communities with training, mentoring and the development and location of human and financial resources. The major portion of CWSA Provincial activity is with community groups.
• Generating funds and providing fundraising opportunities for CWSA to assist others.
• Spearheading National Programs that facilitate community – based services for children through the mobilisation of communities.
• Empowering and benefiting marginalised communities to meet their needs through development programs.
• Research to ensure relevance in the formulation and delivery of service programs for children.
• The implementation of National Programs directed at achieving sound management and financial viability for all Child Welfare structures.
• The development and application of good practice conditions and policies that benefit children. An on-going focus and monitoring role in the equitable distribution of services to disadvantaged communities.
• Informing and educating the public on issues detrimental to children.
• The maintenance of CWSA credibility through our membership of National and International organisations and our membership and contributions to extensive numbers of National and Provincial working committees and groups.
• Promoting the work of CWSA- and its member organisations – and the impact of the services of the organisation on the country.


SPEAK: on behalf of children,
LOBBY: on matters affecting the well-being and safety of children,
ADVOCATE: for the rights of children,
CREATE: public awareness on children’s needs and conditions affecting their well-being,
CHALLENGE: social conditions detrimental to children,
EDUCATE: the public on the nature, extent and value of child welfare services,
PARTICIPATE: in the change and formulation of legislation and policies affecting children,

REACH: out to disadvantaged communities to initiate services for children,
FACILITATE: the development of services to children and families,
EMPOWER: communities to address their needs,
DISSEMINATE: information on issues affecting children and on services in aid of children,
TRAIN: support and guide towards effective service delivery,
BUILD: the capacity of child welfare societies to render relevant, appropriate and effective services,
CO-ORDINATE: child welfare services,
STANDARD: setting for service delivery,
DEVELOP: guidelines for service programs,
ORGANISATIONAL: development in child welfare societies,
RESEARCH: phenomena affecting children and service programs,
WORK: towards the equitable distribution of services with the most disadvantaged communities as focus areas,
FUND-RAISING: *Organize and create awareness of National events
*Source and distribute product in support of National events
*Training provided for fund-raising, financial management

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