4 Our Children


The 4Our Children Coalition project is a multi-sectoral stakeholder initiative to combat commercial sexual
exploitation of children in South Africa. The project is a five-year system’s strengthening and capacity
building project, which started in January 2016.

About ECPAT International
ECPAT International is an international network of civil society organisations with more than 90 member
organisations in over 80 countries, including in Africa. The mission is to combat the commercial sexual
exploitation of children, with main activities being research, advocacy and awareness raising at global,
regional and national levels. The International Secretariat of the network is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

About CWSA
Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is a National umbrella body that represents 206 local level Child
Welfare organisations comprising of 164 affiliated member organisations, and 55 local level children’s
organisations in all 9 Provinces throughout South Africa. Established in 1924, CWSA leads in the
achievement of a safe and caring environment for children in South Africa. The mission is to promote,
protect and enhance the safety, well-being and healthy development of children.

The goal and objective

The goal of the project is to reduce Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in South Africa through strong, sustainable and effective multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral actions.

The Objective is to strengthen key stakeholders in South Africa through targeted collaboration and capacity-building, aimed at increasing their ability to mobilise strategic stakeholders and partners through an effective, coordinated and holistic actions to address child sexual exploitation in the country.The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • % increase in the number of reported cases of CSEC
  • % increase in the number of CSEC cases that receive specialised care services
  • % decrease in the incidence rate of CSEC nationally
  • % increase in the level of support, Nationally and Provincially to combat CSEC

The project, working with key stakeholders will achieve the objectives through the following actions: 1. Ensure the establishment of physical response facilities in each Province for specialised support 2. Ensure the formation of National and Provincial Coalitions for an effective, proactive response teams 3. Facilitate an effective tracking and monitoring of CSEC through the use of efficient ICT mechanism 4. Ensure an early reporting of CSEC through the use of an efficient ICT mechanism 5. Ensure improved empirical data system through research and harmonised data collection mechanisms 6. Facilitate on-going capacity building of frontline service providers based on identified needs and gaps.